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Welcome to my online shop - effervescent locks. I specialise in making dread kits, dread falls, dread wigs, installing extensions, and offering advice on hair care...


01/07/2010 - Free for the summer for hair. Human extensions (wefted), synthetic dreads (natural styled or normal, SE/DE, tousled, extended/repaired/resealed), hair dying/styling available. New site coming soon.

26/05/10 - Nearing the end of my foundation, will be free over the summer to make dreads!

08/10/09 - Super busy with my college course at the moment, so I'm only taking on about an order per month. If you put an order in, I'll either say that I can get to it straight away, or that you'll have to wait 2-3 weeks!

16/07/09 - Exams are over and summer has properly begun :) Currently working on whipping all of my scrap dread hair into lovely brand new dreads which will be on sale very soon! Get your orders in now and they'll be done in about 2 weeks!

12/05/09 - Currently super busy with revising for exams, so if you do make an order - please bear in mind it'll take a little longer than normal!

21/02/09 - Have been working hard on orders and finishing off college work along with celebrating my 18th birthday :D Hope everyone is well, keep your orders coming in and remember that return customers get a discount!

03/01/09 - Happy New Year everyone! I'm really busy with exams and loads of dread orders at the moment, but I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

27/08/08 - Right, I'm all back and on track.. Everything is resumed as normal!

03/08/08 - Have a few orders lined up before the bank holiday weekend, so I'm doing quite well! If anyone wants to order, the turnover time may be slightly longer than usual as I'm sorting out a festival/going to it on the bank holiday weekend and I'll need some time to recover!

14/07/08 - Awaiting my AS results, currently not doing much at the moment! I have a steady flow of orders, so all is good on the hair front! Keep em' coming!

23/06/08 - No more exams, and just this week left of college : ) I have a gap in orders at the moment, so get yours in while I'm free..

29/05/08 - Been a busy bee with exams and whatnot, but I've only got one left now, and then the A2 inductions : D Bring on the summer orders!

02/05/08 - Scratch that last update! A few people have decided not to go forward with some orders, so I'm no longer stressed! Business as usual...

23/04/08 - Will not be taking any more orders for the moment, unless you wanna wait a little while for dreads! Have got exams on at the moment, so if you've already ordered - you're ok, but if not - then just leave it a few weeks! Been under alot of stress recently, and just started having a few heart problems. Wanna keep my work load to a minimum!

09/04/08 - Another quick update, decided to add watermarks/logos to all of my photos just in case anyone gets any ideas. The dread competition can be so sneaky sometimes, so it's best to be safe. Email me if you need any pictures without the watermark (if you can't tell what the dreads look like) but I don't think there'll be much trouble!

08/04/08 - Thanks to everyone for their custom, I've started to get a good flurry of orders in which is keeping me busy! Loads more pictures to come soon in the gallery section! The little 'fill in your order' section on the prices link is getting a bit confusing for first time dread buyers, so if you don't know what I mean by 'double ended' or anything like that, it's best to just email me with what you're after and I'll help you out!

21/03/08 - Made a few more changes to the site, took down the price chart as it was getting really confusing for me! Don't worry, prices are still the same! Also, added more pictures, and will be adding a few more soon what with new orders and such : ) Have also added another link in the haircare section!
Happy easter!

18/01/08 - Happy late new year! The site is mostly finished now, with a good few hair pictures in the gallery and all the links have been put in. A few bits and bobs to add on later, but it will do for now!

21/11/07 - New layout, still under construction but price list and a couple of gallery photos have been added!

06/11/07 - Currently setting up the website and re-designing everything! It's slowly getting worked on but if you can't wait then just email me at: geneticphreak@aol.com with your request and I'll sort something out!

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